And If It’s a Girl

A spoken word, media-rich poem by award-winning poet Ana Maria Caballero, visually interpreted by Venezuelan artist May Toyo. From Caballero’s chapbook MID-LIFE, this poem explores the overwhelming societal pressures placed on women. Toyo’s accompanying drawing of a curled-up woman adds subtle depth to the words of the poem.


May Toyo is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist who creates vivid emotional portraits via gesture and color.


And If It’s a Girl

Must I teach her this life

Of precision within
And democracy throughout

Must I scrub her face with the rules

Of biology and skin
Of ambition and kid

Must she learn the empty errand look

Reign in a fucking passion for shoes
Gorge air digest age

Must she commit to perfume

Paint her mouth into a button
Wield a plot to dress a room

And once the future is within her womb

Will she, too, think it easier to house
Another boy belly balloon