Voudoun // Desire as Divine

Voudoun is a religion of volume, voluminous rites under voluminous skies. It is a cosmology whereby hungry, horny god is appeased by the action of hungry, horny human hand. Through the physicality of man, both heaven and earth may be healed. 

In Voudoun, the loa, or spirits, materialize via corporeal possession of the Voudouist, or Voudoun priest. Thus, they become agents of their own desires on the worldly plane, but they need man to facilitate the exchange. 

The loa want all sorts of things: sex, love, food, fertility, correct rain, soft winds.  The loa are willful about what they want. The Voudouist works hard to give it to them. Loa want becomes human want. But then, man, too, wants what the loa want: sex, love, food, fertility, correct rain, soft winds. In this communion of godly and human hunger, desire can be fulfilled and universal balance obtained. 

To want, to seek, to have, is to heal. 

*This post is part of a series of explorations on the teachings I most admire from the world’s major religions. So far, I’ve written on Buddhism, Christianity,  Confucianism,  Daoism,  HinduismJainismJudaismIslam, Shintoism as well.