The Open Dishwasher


Today, you fell face first into the open dishwasher


One plastic prong bruised your nose

Another gave you your first black eye


I rushed to cradle you

And sing your falling down song


Then I took you outside to show you

The birds, the lizards

The cloudless blue sky

And the moon, your moon, visible today at noon


The moon made you calm

Luna, luna you said

And pointed up

At the cloudless blue sky


I sat you down close to me

Ready to hold you

If you still needed my arms


But you looked at the white powder moon

At a lizard that dashed from the bush

And at crests of neat waves rising in the pool


After a moment, you sighed

Your first veteran sigh


Just yesterday

I checked the classifieds

For work I might be paid to do


I do this sometimes

To confirm I remain hireable

And am more than this lullaby mother


Who sits with her child

To be soothed by the moon



The Potomac Journal’s summer issue is finally out, and two of my poems are in it! Above is the first. The second will be featured here shortly.



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