Domingo 3 and/or Sunday 3

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A few of the poems from my book “Entre domingo y domingo” were published last month in “Jai-Alai Magazine.” Since “Jai Alai” is a multi-lingual literary review based in Miami, they were interested in publishing the poems in both English and Spanish. It was the first time I translated my own work and thoroughly enjoyed the (challenging) experience. Thanks, “Jai Alai”!

Below is “Sunday 3,” translated from its original form in Spanish, which is also included below.


Sunday 3 (in 3 parts)


In small cities

the value of the theft

ceases to matter:




9:56 a.m.


I sit up and consider

that I feel well.

Not last night’s call,

nor today’s


I am going for a run.


10:02 a.m.


It cannot matter;

I feel good.

I plan to go for a run.


10:16 a.m.






11:30 a.m.


On seventh and eighty second,

two sons of bitches

steal my phone.

A man

with a perfect Labrador

chases behind.


11:32 a.m.


I keep running—


in silence.


11:43 a.m.


I allow myself to be overcharged

for three ripe avocados

that I plan

to take to my grandmother.


11:55 a.m.


I buy tampons,

give away the change.


12:03 p.m.


I get home with one key,

three avocados,

a box of tampons,

and a pair of headphones

that will have to be given



12:36 p.m.



I consider

my theft

as overcome.




8:35 p.m.


You call and we’ve become complicated.

You call late,

one entire day.



8:36 p.m.


I tell you about the theft

so you will love me.


8:35 p.m.








Domingo 3 (en 3 partes)


En ciudades pequeñas

deja de importar

el valor del robo:



9:56 a. m.


Me siento y pienso

que me siento bien.

Ni la llamada de anoche,

ni la de hoy


voy a salir a trotar.


10:02 a. m.


No puede importar;

me siento bien.

Pienso salir a trotar.


10:16 a. m.


Ya casi.



11:30 a. m.


En la séptima con ochenta y dos,

dos hijos de puta

me roban el celular.

Un señor

con un Labrador perfecto

corre detrás.


11:32 a. m.


Yo sigo trotando—


en silencio.


11:43 a. m.


Me dejo cobrar demasiado

por tres aguacates maduros

que le pienso

llevar a mi abuela.


11:55 a. m.


Compro tampones,

regalo las vueltas.


12:03 p. m.


Llego a mi casa con una llave,

tres aguacates,

una caja de tampones,

y un par de audífonos

que tocará



12:36 p. m.


Ya bañada


que mi robo

está superado.




8:35 p. m.


Llamas y nos hemos complicado.

Llamas tarde,

un día entero.


8:36 p. m.


Te cuento del robo

para que me quieras.


8:35 p. m.












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