Month: March 2014

Poetry on the Run

I owe a new-found obsession with off-road rallies to my husband’s passion for cars. Once our baby was born he exchanged the race track for the dirt track and brought me along. Last weekend we traversed more than 600 kilometers of Colombian wilderness on a dirt buggy. Because road trips are better taken in good […]


Woodshop: Where I Live and Work

I have to admit I am thrilled that CutBank Literary Magazine published my piece in their “Woodshop” series. The series is dedicated to showing where various writers live and work. So, this means they consider me a “writer.” Thrilling. CutBank has been around for 40 years as Montana’s foremost literary magazine. The poetry and other […]


The Right Word

Sometimes a word is all it takes to build a poem. Such is the case in Tomas Tranströmer’s “To Friends behind a Border,” translated from the Swedish by Robert Bly. For me, the poem is constructed around the uncommon word “trilobite,” which refers to a fossil group of extinct marine animals possessing an exoskeleton. Here […]