The Drugstore Notebook went rogue

This week I will be posting daily on Zeteo Journal – The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Very excited about this gig. I have fellow blogger William Eaton to thank. He posts regularly at Here is an excerpt from my first post: “I bought The Good Thief by Marie Howe because it was the only poetry […]

Chew You

  I’ve always loved left overs Cold, by the kitchen sink With dirty fingers and appalled mothers   These, though, I will eat alone Sitting up In bed   It was a good, unapologetic lay The day we tried To play for good   But, it was really only a day   One good day […]

Upside down crucifix

  An image I loved from The Split by Marie Howe. Published in her book The Good Thief. Part of The National Poetry Series. This one selected by Margaret Atwood. Read on American Airlines flight 915, July 2013  

How easily nothing happens

  The Etymology of Intersect, Veronica Patterson. Spoon River Poetry Review. Winter 2012 Read Miami Airport, July 2013 Related articles Spoon River Anthology: Exploring Life after Death with Hugh Humphreys (

Fiesta de oficina

  El discurso y su contradiscurso La fila corta para el plato fácil de servir La mesa del bar ojeada no visitada El jefe siempre en el periferio Las secretarias ignoradas   No sabía que un día encontraste A tu esposo muerto en el baño Me lo dijeron hoy antes que me contaras Que tus […]

Religious persuasion

  Take your pick. Notebooks at Barnes & Noble. Coral Gables, FL. Taken July 2013

There Will Be Time

Twenty-six is not that young: it is old enough to list college degrees, linear work experience, the promise of marriage. By now, I should not fear bad poem topics, closing documents unsaved, the rewrite of a phrase: Clay centers carved; cooked silhouettes cracked. I am on time and in time. Urgency grows, demands that I begin to make […]

Frencher than the Tour de France

Here in Colombia, we have Tour de France fever. 23-year old Nairo Quintana won second place. The best showing by a Colombian ever. The sight of over a hundred, neon-wearing cyclists circling historic Paris during the Tour’s final stage was exciting but also uncanny. It reminded me of poet Charles Baudelaire running into a swan while […]

Maya – who? Mayakovsky! Part III (Or heartbreak done right)

  Vladimir Mayakovsky gets dumped. The third of four excerpts from his poem The Cloud in Trousers. Read New York, 2004. Related articles Mayakovsky’s “The Brooklyn Bridge”: A Short Essay on the Futurist Poem ( Mayakovsky’s daughter speaks out on her parents’ love story and her own legacy (

Maya – who? Mayakovsky! Part II

  This is part two of four excerpts I will be posting from Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem The Cloud in Trousers. Read New York, 2004

Maya – who? Mayakovsky! Part I

  There is fun to be had in Russian literature via Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here is one of four excerpts from his titanic poem The Cloud in Trousers. Read New York, 2004 Related articles Mayakovsky monument attracts dissidents and dreamers ( A look back at the life of Vladimir Mayakovsky ( Understanding Mayakovsky, the dark and […]

Dos razones

  Sexo y en lo que Yo Me doy cuenta   Son las únicas Yo Dos razones   Difícil Yo Fácilmente   Lo que veo Yo Lo quiero hablar   Lo admito Yo Comprobar   Escrito 2008

The 19th century’s best-selling novel

  Since I was never forced to read Uncle Tom’s Cabin in high school, I decided to make the effort. As a story, it moves forward consistently and is engaging. Most of the characters enjoy happy endings. As a historical document, however, it is sad and disturbing. Suspect rumor has it that when Abraham Lincoln […]

Bathroom Talk

  Watching you pee in front of me while we talk about not being late It’s true we shouldn’t be late to things I try to remember when we began peeing and talking In front of each other I wish I could remember I would tell you I wish I had to pee So that […]

No, wonder

  The Book, Alan Watts. Read Bogotá, 2013. Related articles The Real Secret Of Life – Alan Watts ( Alan Watts – Faith ( It Starts Now – Alan Watts ( *Music and Life* by Alan Watts ( Alan Watts ( Laura Bruno – Alan Watts – The Way Of Waking Up – 5 July […]

Breakfast Meeting

  As an afterthought I can consider the present Skylines and curved highways Cliffhangings in real time and real   Realtime   Consumed while I am young I lack nothing and want Everything   I Alone I   Lonely please allow me to Please be Lonely   Let me see the city as collosal and […]

Poetry of survival

Thanks to the June edition of POETRY, the Poetry Foundation’s publication, I learned about landays. A landay is a “folk couplet” or, to be more precise, “an oral and often anonymous scrap of song created by and for mostly illiterate people: the more than twenty million Pashtun women who span the border between Afghanistan and […]